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QA Automation Engineer (SDET)

User-friendliness and quality control are essential to developing successful electronic platforms that strengthen business — that’s where the Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) comes in


We teach everything what we use that you need to know


►SDLC and STLC - practice, roles, responsibilities, methodologies, software

►Test Documentation - write test cases, checklists, test plans, mind maps, defects, wiki pages

►Types of Testing - and how you perform them on a real project

►Modern Application Architecture

►Web Applications - HTML, CSS, DOM, XPATH browser development tools

►Mobile Applications - Android, iOS, tools

►Builds - CI server, pipelines, version control, environments

►Databases - SQL Queries, tools, practice

►API Testing - Swagger Documents, Postman, Rest Assured, tools, practice

►Test Automation - Selenium Webdriver, Java, JavaScript, Cucumber, TestNG, Cypress

►Write Smoke and Regression suites with your team and execute them in different browsers

►Automate Smoke suite for a real project!

►QA Interview - resume prep, interview questions and answers, interview process, mock interview with mentors


Core Java


►Hello, World! - initial setup of the environment and a console application

►Java Core - variables, primitive types, arrays, conditionals operators and loops

►Java Core - methods, string operations, classes, constructors, properties, objects

►Java Core - enums, access modifiers, exceptions, try / catch

►Object Oriented Programming - inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstarction, keywords

►Collections - list, set, map, iterator

►Version Control (GIT) - code reviews, branching strategies, resolving conflicts, tools

►A lot of Practice on real projects and Interview preparation


Selenium WebDriver


►Introduction to Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver - what and why automate?

►Testing Framework - build tools, dependencies, test runners, assertions, fixtures, data providers, parallel execution

►Locators - types, best practices, tools

►Web Elements - basic methods, dropdowns, radio buttons / checkboxes, alerts, lists, drag and drop

►Synchronization - Implicit / Explicit / Fluent Waits. practice, interview questions

►Advanced Techniques - actions, multiple windows, frames, JavaScript executor, table grids, cookies, window size

►Selenium Grid - desired capabilities, remote webdriver, hub / node, cloud services

►Page Object Design Pattern - page factory, definition, annotations and constructors

►BDD with Cucumber - pros / cons, steps, features, test runner, parameterization

►Exercises / Algorithms - sorting, Fibonacci, FuzzBuzz, palindrome, prime numbers etc

►Mobile Test Automation Basics: installation, configuration, elements

►Automate Regression for a real project!

►BONUS - Cypress with JavaScript


Course Info
QA Automation Engineer (SDET)
Start Date: 02.06.2023 (February 6)
Total Time: 7 Months
Price: $ 6000 (flexible payment options)

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